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Yeah, so I will be updating for sure. He'll be changed, radically so, but he's happy.
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So this is an essay streamlining Rex’s development from S1 up to “Target - Consortium” of S3.
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Questions, thoughts, ask why there's a lack of Ronan in this essay.
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Did you know Rex's life sucks?

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I will be updating soon, since I don't know how ... intense this will be later.
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Rex’s accident was all the proof the researchers needed that a Human-Machine Link was the correct path to follow, though there were still...hiccups. Because all of Rex’s nanites were active, they remained active unless he was completely sedated. Rex most likely had to learn to control his powers to the point that he didn’t fry anything electronic he was in contact with.
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Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United. Watch it for Kevin Spacey being a creeper, Rex and Ben being the gayest boyfriends and Cesar, proving to be a total asshat.

And explosions. Lots of explosions.
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[ in one of the abandoned rooms at the underground labs, a teenager is setting up complex technology ]

Okay, so that's the switch, which means the panel should go there...

[ totally complex ]
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This is mostly for my own reference because I get conflicting stuff from wiki and the canonwiki. And since I've watched every episode like five times, why the hell not. Oh, and spoilers for both seasons and to be edited when new stuff comes up.