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These Days It's Hard To Tell ( The Day Everything Changed, slight Holiday/Six)
[ "Six might try to ignore it, but fact was, who else did Rex have to latch on to?" ]
There Isn't Much Else To Do In Purgatory (Frostbite, family)
[ "Is this how it's going to be from now on?" ]
Persistent Pains ( pre-canon, tiny!Rex fic)
[ "But Bobo said your my nanny, so she shouldn't, and you're suppose to." ]
Who Protects The Protector? ( Rex and Six, bonding)
[ "You're saying you're gonna let Six die" ]
Nada ( Rex-centric, pre-canon)
[ "Someday, he'll be free" ]
Reverse Birthday ( family, pre-canon)
[ "He is a person if you haven't noticed – he's got a beating heart and everything; I checked." ]
How Do You Calculate BAC for EVOs? ( Rex and Noah antics)
[ "Rex's nanites could break down knockout gas. Knockout gas was made of chemicals. Beer was made of chemicals. All totally reasonable." ]
Like A Broken Compass ( Rex/Circe, romance...?)
[ "When they parted, they didn't regret. He wanted freedom; she wanted home. Not that they got either, but hey. You did what you could." ]
Changes ( Rex and Quarry, Rex and his gang)
[ "Swear on it. Go on. The next time you black out, you'll know what you did: sold out your friends for a one-way ticket to being a hero." ] 
Memory ( Rex-centric, amnesiac!fic)
[ "What's the point of me keeping a journal if I'm just going to keep forgetting everything?" ] 
Jump ( Rex and Six, bonding)
[ "Isn't that why you have me in the first place? Because I'm good at kicking extra-difficult EVO butt?" ]
If I Had To Choose ( Rex and Six, bonding)
[ "I know, but shouldn't every kid know who their parents are?" ]
The Birds and the Jet Packs ( family, the TALK)
[ "You're going to want girls. Don't." ]
Gosling ( Rex and Six, pre-canon)
[ "He couldn't have some kid following him around in the middle of a war zone!" ]
Meeting Six ( Rex and Six, AU)
[ "It's Rex. Like a T. Rex." I'm really big and strong." ]
Bound by Blood ( Rex and Six, humour, Promises, Promises)
[ "We could be blood brothers!" ]
Not Exactly Hate ( Rex and White Knight, bon...ding..., Plague)
[ "It was purely about what the boy meant—as of now, he was the only known cure in existence. White couldn't risk losing that.]
Orders ( Rex-centric, Cure/Contain/Kill)
[ "It was his mother. We killed his mommy." ]
Never Regret ( Six and Noah, first meeting)
[ "Noah knew nothing in life was that simple. That in the long run such a friendship was bound to lead to pain." ]
Bait ( Rex and Kenwyn Jones)
[ "I don't believe in coincidence. Most of the time, anyways. I mean, sometimes, sure, but not now." ]
Thoughts ( Rex and Noah, talking about Cesar)
[ "Go after your family or a project that could destroy the world?" ]
Issues with Babysitting ( Rex and Six, bonding)
[ "Please-they'll get me—I can't—please don't leave me." ]
Favors ( Rex/Annie, friendship)
[ "Yeah, I mean I have a lot of fun with you when I'm not dodging wood chippers or getting hit by trucks" ]
The Siren's Taste of Copper ( Rex/Circe, Circe-centric)
[ "Of course it was a dream, when else can we ever be together?" 
Voices in the Night ( Rex and ZAG-RS)
[ "If only he could recognize the voice…" ]
Threats, Threats ( Agent Six and Cesar)
[ "Should I trust my little brother to this organization?" ]
Delete ( Rex-centric, amnesia!fic)
[ "He could practically feel his mind slipping through his fingers" ]
Forgiveness ( Rex and Six, bonding, Written In Sand)
[ "I would say be cautious. Don't be too suspicious but don't give him full trust either." ]
Reminiscing (Rex and Cesar, bonding)
[ "Yes, a book. But it's a special book. The Salazar family photo album. Our photo album." ]
Smiling ( Rex and Six, bonding)
[ "Rex thought he was so smart, so clever. What he didn't know, or rather, what he refused to acknowledge was that his handler was always one step ahead of him." ]
Howl (AU, supernatural)
[ "All about killing and looking for bluuurd and stuff" ] 


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