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IN CHARACTER: So his best friend died, he has no idea how, life at home seems to be faintly screwy again. Generally, Oz is like one fucking issue at a time. He feels shaky, like his world has become uneven again, but he knows better than to focus on it. There are more important things happening than mental stability so it can wait! He has also been in camp a long time, so he's not sure how to think about home issues when he's so far away from most of it. At least, that's how he feels.

OUT OF CHARACTER: I have great cast! Pandora Hearts might actually be finishing soon! But none of that is motivating me into playing Oz more. I am comfortable with my level of play with him, but I also feel I should push myself into building more CR and not just play with my castmates. It's just... effort.


Oz Vessalius;
Pandora Hearts

IN CHARACTER: Dean is going to hit his third year in camp. He has no idea what's going on in canon, but he's turned a deaf ear to most of it (We will probably canon update...sometime). While in camp, he's fairly certain of how things work, he's just not willing to care all that much unless it affects the people he cares about. He's not interested in the new anymore, just in whatever entails his job.

OUT OF CHARACTER: Ugh. I just. I don't know. I was really excited for Season Seven! And so far, it was looking really good! Then they're regressed Dean's characterization by like three seasons, and I wasn't so happy anymore. At this rate, I am just going to do what I feel would happen in the context of the previous canon and ignore the new stuff unless it gives me something new and valid. But the latest episode really pissed me off so it might take me a while to get back into Dean's groove.


Dean Winchester;

IN CHARACTER: I already wrote an essay on Leto and his feelings, but in general, Leto is fluctuating. He hasn't done that... ever. He is most likely going to be double the troll he is now in order to regress his current connections.

OUT OF CHARACTER: Guys, Leto has gone from being my least played character to my most. I mean, he always got out and made good CR but suddenly, he has CR everywhere which is a little mind-boggling. I'm a little worried I might be rushing some of his development, but I also have two books to use as headcanon so I'm pretty sure I'm good for a while.


Leto Atreides the II;
Children of Dune

IN CHARACTER: Jim Kirk hates camp. He's always going to hate camp! A lot of his old connections have left and Kirk is slightly bitter about this (he's more bitter over the fact that he hasn't cracked camp yet). Still, he is James motherfucking T. Kirk. He's not on edge or letting his emotions get complete control of him this time around. He's cool with biding his time and fucking around in camp until he gets out

OUT OF CHARACTER: I just like playing Jim Kirk :x I need to canon review though. I've been putting it off for ages, but I never struggle with his voice! I just need him to get out more. Also, it would be nice if I got the Star Trek sequel before I died, but my hopes are sadly not so high.


James T. Kirk;
Star Trek XI

IN CHARACTER: Yuri has had an interesting time in camp lately. From having his best friend killed to seeing Judith killed by a doppleganger looking just like him! He's not doing so well, but it affected him in very different ways than from canon. He's less likely to pick up a sword after what happened this October and he might try to find other methods to protect people. He also wants to keep his word to Judith and get better, even if he knows it's a struggle for him to express it properly.

OUT OF CHARACTER: Hahaha, so October really helped me jumpstart my play on Yuri again. I feel more secure and happy about my direction. I AM REVVED UP for playing Yuri Lowell! I probably need to do another canon review, but I feel fairly confident in my play ever since the Boggarts \o/


Yuri Lowell;
Tales of Vesperia

IN CHARACTER: Haruki is marginally more sane than he was before, more centered over how he'll use his life and not geared towards martyring himself or killing himself in order to set things right. He's still not interested in opening up to other people or making close connections, but he is willing to try and find things for himself, discover his own connections.

OUT OF CHARACTER: I am running out of things to do with Haruki. He's not getting out anymore, except to play with cast, and even then, he's not doing much. It's not so much that I've hit a wall with him than he's progressed a lot from his canon and he has (as close as it gets) to personal contentment without extreme self-loathing and hatred.He's just come a long way from when I apped him and I'm starting to feel that he's reaching a good finishing point for me to drop him and end his story. Or at least give him a semi-happy ending.


Koutake Haruki;

IN CHARACTER: Stefan is struggling from wanting to be saved to wanting everyone to just leave him alone. He hasn't turned off his emotions yet and while he drinks a lot of blood to make up for it, he hasn't fed on anyone yet either. He did, however, kill Vanille, which means he's finally stopped struggling and sticking with Klaus.

OUT OF CHARACTER: Canon loves me, you guys. IT LOVES ME SO HARD. Basically, everything in this season has been about Stefan, his weaknesses, his vampire side, how difficult it is for him to swing back but how hard he tries to keep it all together. A lot of this season has validated my earlier headcanon on Stefan's vampiric side, but it also gave me tons of brilliant new stuff to work with. I'm not going to go with the whole turning off his emotions yet since that might be a bit too much for me to handle (Soulless Sam hard), but I have tons of hilarious nice camp-effects I can use.


Stefan Salvatore;
The Vampire Diaries - TV

IN CHARACTER: While Sherlock enjoys camp and all the new shiny things to learn, he still wants to go home and get back to work. Also, Moriarty isn't here which is a huge downer to him because they were in the middle of their game. At the same time though, he's quite happy that John is far away from Moriarty and sage (but he's never admitting that. Ever)

OUT OF CHARACTER: I need to play him more, but I love Sherlock. And you can pry him from my cold, dead fingers :| Also, I'm only getting 2 seasons of canon, so like hell I'm dropping him before I finish the show. LIKE HELL.


Sherlock Holmes;

IN CHARACTER: Lance has been updated, so he's actually more zen than he was when I apped him. He's okay as long as Ilana's okay and he has a few friends and a lot of feelings that he wants no one to see.

OUT OF CHARACTER: I am forever pissed off that this amazing canon has gotten cancelled. While a lot of the later stuff justified my earlier play of Lance, I still feel I need a lot more to go on, especially since he's finally accepted that he has a family and people who care about him. Which has a major impact on his life! He's definitely my favourite though and I do have a lot of plans for him, so dropping might wait a long time.


Lance Lunis;
Symbionic Titan

IN CHARACTER: Jet and Joe are alive in camp, which means the fucking world to Albert. Yet, the whole camp environment, cheating death really gets him the wrong way. Not to mention he's not up to trusting anyone in camp.

OUT OF CHARACTER: I have this problem where I want to talk about Albert's dead wife all the time and that makes me a terrible person. Besides that, despite the fact he doesn't get out much, he's still enjoyable to play and fun. Anyway, icly, he's not the friends' type.


Albert Heinrich;
Cyborg 009

IN CHARACTER: Kell wants to go home and kill Imperiex and he doesn't want to be stuck in this stupid camp, where there are too many people trying to make him talk about his feelings when he doesn't have any feelings!!!

OUT OF CHARACTER: It took me two months to keyword his icons, which demonstrates that I am a terrible DC player. But LoSH is my forever canon and I love playing the superman who thinks feelings are dumb and lacking many issues. I need to do an essay about how he develops in canon and FINALLY KEYWORD, but I'm happy with him and his play. I just love it whenever people try to get him to open up and he's like "YOU MAKE NO SENSE"


Legion of Super Heroes

IN CHARACTER: Rex is unbelievably happy to be in camp. He's in a place where he's not treated like he's abnormal, no one has tried to blow him up for an entire week and he's making real friends! Friends who genuinely seem to like him and like talking to him as a person. This is huge for Rex. He's never really experienced "normalcy" before, not like this. While he does feel slightly guilty for not doing everything he can to get back home, he wants to enjoy camp for a little while longer.

OUT OF CHARACTER: I LOVE REX. I love his canon, I love the characters, I love the plot twists and how everything gets worse before it's better. I love playing him and I can do pretty much everything under the moon. He is my new soul animal and he's definitely going to be my primary for a long time.


Rex Salazar;
Generator Rex

Doubling as a First impressions for Rex! If you want to ask questions for my other characters, that's fine too.

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Also we should do something stupid with the PH cast for no reason just to be magical.

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Rex really likes Ronan. Ronan reminds him a lot of Noah, without their... really bad start. He doesn't fully grasp the implications of Ronan's wizardry because it's kind of new to him, but he understands having a job you can't walk away from. Rex is comfortable with it, finding it easy to confide his feelings without feeling judged for it, but he's not 100% okay with talking about everything (comes from being raised by a ninja). But Ronan is easily his first and favourite friend in camp, and definitely a kindred spirit of sorts.


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All right! So, basically as has probably become really obvious in Ronan's threads with Rex, Ronan is really keen on the idea of everyone having personal choices and having those choices acknowledged and respected. It's basically the tenet of his powers, to be honest, that he not only encourages people to make choices and make choices every day, but that he will fight for those choices to be respected by others. It's a thing with Ronan and something I don't really get to play often because people in camp aren't generally in such a powerless situation - while they are trapped in camp they are given agency and autonomy to make their own decisions generally.

Rex is different! Rex desperately wants an "ordinary" superhero life where being a superhero is a day job and not his sole reason to exist. Ronan genuinely feels for him - I don't want to say feels bad because he doesn't. But he does empathise with the idea of being chosen for a destiny and having it define what you do, and trying to assert your own life choices around this destiny - though he will never ever tell Rex about his own experiences unless it comes up and he has to. They'd just cloud the issue.

It helps too that Ronan is genuinely fond of Rex. He's funny! He's kind of endearing, he's geeky with science, he's embraced his power set and decided to do nerdy things with it, and he's someone who is willing to open up and see life and its potential. His Spanish is understandable but Ronan winces at times because Ronan is someone who loves languages and is like at least trilingual if not polylingual and so he exaggerates it. He is also entirely serious about getting him and Jaime to meet if only because they are both teenagers stuck coping with a situation beyond their control with technology that can be anything but has massive drawbacks. The fact that Jaime can correct his accent would just be a bonus.

So basically Ronan thinks that Rex is cool! He thinks that Rex needs to have the space to decide who he wants to be and to continue to make that decision every day, without having to be forced into a situation where he has to sacrifice his self for something else. There has to be another way, and Ronan is determined to find it somehow. He's a wizard, and fixing bad situations is what he does. He's also a geeky teenage boy and Rex is entertaining and fun to be around. So it's one of those happy coincidences where as a wizard he gets to help a friend.

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Rex's first impression for Santo? 8D

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Rex will always eyeball Santa from time to time because of his resemblance to Quarry. For Rex, Quarry will always be the person he hates the most and he's also the person Rex killed. He's an uncomfortable part of Rex's past.

Yet, Rex does like Santo. They think alike. Blowing things up, alien conspiracies. Rex always enjoys people he can bro it up with and have similar interests. The problem is not bringing up Quarry or ever talking about him. Because Rex knows the minute he does, he'll lose any kind of camaraderie he had.
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fuzzybluebamf: MOLLYMANDA MADE THE PEOPLE ONES BLUE ONES AND IS THE MOST AWESOME († Chicks dig the fuzzy dude)
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Rex are we bros yet?

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No, srs, Kurt is fun to talk to and bicker and go off wild teenage tangents, while having similar links to Rex's life, like the training, having a hard-ass teacher, etc. It relaxes Rex to know that when he's talking, people can understand a little of what he's going through, and Kurt definitely gets it.

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First impressions for Vanya?

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Okay, so Rex's life is awful. Not even a little awful, it is pretty horrible. There's a great line in the show where he says "If I don't make jokes, I'm going to remember how scared I am." So he pushes himself up, tries to stay calm, strong and happy because the world sort of depends on him! And it can be pretty tough.

So, in a way, Vanya reminds Rex a lot of himself when he was younger, when he just started out at Providence, and he had no one. So a lot of Vanya's self-esteem issues make a lot of sense to Rex and he genuinely connects with her pretty well. He does want her to feel better, wants her to get up to a point where she can get up when things get too hard. Rex really wants to be that supportive best friend without telling Vanya what to do and how to do it. He also finds her to be genuinely cool and smart, playing instruments and singing. To him, she is really an awesome person with awesome talents.


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Vanya liked Rex pretty much immediately! He was wondering where ice cream was and she got to help him, which are both super important things to her! And the more Vanya gets to know him, the more she likes him and wants to be his friend.

She also notices the similarities between them, but Vanya's amazed that Rex is still happy and has a positive attitude, which is something she's working at, but still struggling with. She's almost certain that Rex can help her with it and is hoping that he won't mind doing so. She's also hoping that she can help Rex in some way too, since it seems like there's a lot of "normal" things she can teach him- the same things she had to learn when she first got to Camp. Also, his powers are really, really cool! So all in all, Vanya is super excited that Rex is in Camp and she's definitely one of her favorite people to arrive in Camp in quite a while and she's so glad that he's willing to be her friend!

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also i need to play with clonebro more

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Rex isn't sure how to treat real superheroes! In a way, he does seem himself as one, but he knows that he's done a lot of un-superhero things. But it's cool to meet them and get to learn from them. Even if Superboy seems a little stiff and weird. But Rex is going to see that as a challenge and probably take him out on nacho runs and arcading.

I will get clonebro out more o/

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First impression? :B

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Loki is... interesting. Rex isn't quite sure what to make of him. In a way, Loki doesn't like rules and wants to cause trouble. Rex loves that kind of attitude, being a big rule-breaker himself. At the same time, the way Loki talks about people set him a little off. But he is the kind of person Rex would come to do epic pranking with.

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:( ♥ I understand with Haruki bb. I will be sad, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Especially if you feel like he just needs his happy ending now.

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blastardise: (Are you dead yetˏ Hijikata-sa)
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hey hey hey hey

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So Rex's defining creed is that "A person is a person, no matter how screwed up they are." While they didn't get off to a great start, Rex really does feel bad for Okita and the way he's treated. Rex has had terrible experiences with people, ranging from them trying to kill him to treating him like a monster. He understands a little of what it's like to be judged for who you are, even when you have no control over it. So he wants to help him! Maybe at least try enough so that people won't give him shit for the way he is. Rex won't pretend to understand Okita or lie about it, but he won't treat him badly just because they don't see eye to eye.

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Sougo doesn't really have any thoughts on anyone, because he hardly ever cares. But he enjoys talking to Rex, even though they have incredibly weird conversations. He hardly ever gets to talk to people who aren't "hey you're a monster, just go away" or the regular "fuck off", so he thinks it's something nice for a change. He'd really like to know more about Rex's world, and stuff like that. Maybe they can have silly shenanigans some time, too.

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first impression of Necoco? I'm assuming ZEX didn't leave much of one beyond "...uh"

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Megamind is definitely very different from the villains Rex has met. Very open, kinda fun and easy to talk to. In a way, Rex doesn't know what to make of a villain he can talk to without any hangups. It is very contradictory to his worldview. And talking about superheroes and villains made him wonder if Megamind is really villain-material. For a minute there, Rex thought he was a better villain than Megamind. Their talks are interesting and introspective, and Rex wouldn't mind talking to him some more, to understand him. He's a little worried he'll be judged for not being much of a superhero.

Rex likes Necoco! Finds him to be very bubbly and fun to be around. While he's unused to the whole robots with personalities, he can roll with it and Necoco is definitely the kind of person Rex wants to casually hang out with and talk about inane stuff.

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I have no questions, but I wanted to mention that every time I see Rex's shirt, I think of this ( And every time, I can't help but wonder if that was deliberate by the creators, or a total coincidence. XD

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